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You can feel the Power of Color when you enter a room.
You may not be conscious of how powerfully paint color affects your mood, but have you ever walked into a brightly colored room and felt your spirits lift? Did you realize the dark woods and deep colors of a den make a great environment for quiet reflection and reading? Do you know why white is the best color to use in areas that require an image of cleanliness? What are the right paint colors to evoke tranquility and escape in the master bath?

Decorators consider room color the picture frame within which room decor is set.
If the frame is wrong the picture will not look right. The first consideration in any paint color decision is room use.

There so many colors, which one is right for me?
If you have ever stood in front of the paint color wall in Home Depot or Lowes you understand the curse of too many choices. Not only is color important but so is shading. Room size, exposure, floor coverings, furniture and adjacencies are all factors in making the right decision.

MRT Home Construction is a Color Solutions Specialist.
We will work with you to find the exact color for your home and every room in your home. Painting will not start until you are confident and happy with the color you have chosen.